Welcome to June’s Newsletter.  This month we’re highlighting the risks with knowingly or unknowingly using unlicenced or pirated software in your business as well as the serious consequences if caught.  We also looking at how to protect you and your staff’s personal information online. 

We also look at how small and medium businesses can be affected by disaster and what simple steps can be put in place to minimise downtime and impact.

Could You Be A Software Pirate?

A Victorian business accused of software piracy has settled its case with a vendor advocate body for $100,000 damages over unlicensed Microsoft and Autodesk software.


Protecting Your Personal Information Online

Identity theft and credit card fraud are some of the fastest-growing types of crime. Learn the methods online hackers use to compromise your information along with steps you can take to avoid becoming a victim.


When Disaster Strikes: Profiles of Disaster Recovery

When natural disasters strike, your planning and preparation can mean the difference between bouncing back or being swallowed whole. These two profiles represent two different experiences - learn from both, and nothing will be able to stop your company.


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