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Welcome to the February Edition of the Surety Standard.

Don’t forget Microsoft support for Windows XP ends in April so if you haven’t made plans to move away from or replace it, you need to urgently. Our objective in our newsletters is to give you honest advice and bring your attention to topics that impact small and medium businesses in Australia.

In this month’s edition we look at the darker side of Cloud Computing and highlight an area where businesses need to be made aware of with regards to controlling the “cloud” services that employees use and where they store corporate data. We also look at how to set up an effective data recovery plan plus we tell you how you should find your next IT Managed Services partner together with the information you should be asking them and asking about them.

Symantec Issues Warning on Misuse of Cloud Computing

Cloud platforms and services are becoming ubiquitous and second nature to many. If you don't have a policy for how your employees use cloud services outside of your approved vendors, you may be opening your company up to attack.


3 Components of an Effective Data Recovery Plan

You may not know when a disaster or other damaging event will occur, but you can take the steps toward preparedness by implementing these three pieces of an effective data recovery plan.


How To Hire A Managed Services Provider

Hiring a managed services provider for your small business can seem complicated, but it doesn't have to be. Here's how!


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