IT Support

Great business IT support is a Surety!

If you're like most businesses, your most time consuming and frustrating IT task is supporting the day to day running of your IT systems. Whether it be a computer not starting up, the server crashing or a printer not working, you've got much better things to do with your time than fire-fight problems. Smart companies are outsourcing more and more of their IT administrative functions, and for really good reason!

Sure[Net] IT Support

Our  Sure[Net] IT Support package, is an easy and affordable way to access high quality business IT support, customised to suit the specific needs of your business.

It provides a range of proactive business IT support services to optimise your technology investment while maximising the productivity of your people and business.

We can work with or as an alternative to your existing business IT support teams, Sure[Net] packages can be as simple as helpdesk tasks and escalations, to more complex requirements, such as onsite maintenance, systems integration and fixed price projects.

How you'll benefit:

  • You'll save time and money
  • Tailored business IT support solutions suited to your business
  • Guaranteed response times
  • Pro-active rather than reactive support
  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Structured and clear plans
  • Fixed monthly costs
  • No unexpected invoices
  • Improved IT systems reliability.
  • Unlimited remote and telephone support
  • On-site support when required
  • Assistance with IT Strategy and IT Roadmaps
  • A dedicated Customer Relationship Manager

Your business' operations are too important to be left to inadequate technical support - it costs too much in time, money and resources. You need to outsource to the best as it provides the best financial return (not to mention your business will run more effectively).

We provide tailored business IT support packages with our  Sure[Net] IT Support developed using our  solutions pathand create confidence within our customers that their IT systems are being well looked after and they are receiving the support they want.

Don’t settle for standard business IT support services when we have the solutions to make affordable, smooth and reliable IT support a reality. If you're not happy with the IT support you're getting, then check out the 8 critical questions you should ask when dealing with IT suppliers.

If your IT systems are slowing you down or your IT provider is not providing the service you need and you need help now, call us today on 1300 4 787 389, email us or complete our enquiry form  here and ask us about our IT Systems Crisis Review.

Trish Hale from Robins Accountants talks about the IT support they receive from Surety IT