Best Practice Backup And Recovery

Data protection and recovery is a Surety

If you're like most businesses, backups and their reliability are a major worry.  With cyber security threats increasing on a daily basis, you need to protect your critical information and intellectual property.

Backups and the ability to recover your IT systems have become one of the most important layers of protection your business has but it's one of the areas which causes the most stress and uncertainty.

Sure[Safe] Backup Solutions

Our  Sure[Safe] backup solution, is a solution, customised to suit the specific needs of your business. We'll work with you to understand what you need and plan a backup solution that is scalable, flexible and reliable. We will also leverage cloud solutions where appropriate and other technologies where it's not.  Most of all though, we'll provide you with a backup solution you can have confidence in.


How you'll benefit:

  • You'll be sure of your backup's reliability
  • Customised backups solutions to suit your business
  • Backup solutions that you will understand
  • Visbility into backups
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Data retention to suit your requirements.
  • Automated backups that don't require any manual intervention from your staff.
  • Backup monitoring included as part of your managed IT service.
  • Fully documented solution.

Our Solutions Path

The information and intellectual property your business holds is too important to be left to inadequate backups - if disaster strikes it costs too much in time, money and resources to recover, it could even cost you your business.

We provide customised backup solutions with our Sure[Safe] backup solutions developed using our solutions path and create confidence within our customers that their backups are working and are being looked after. If you want to create a backup strategy to safeguard your business, Surety IT has the Sure[Safe] backup solutions to make it a reality.


Ensure that you don't:

  • Leave any critical servers without a backup.
  • Assume your backups are working without testing restores.
  • Accept continuous backup failures.
  • Assume an on-site backup is enough.
  • Rely on out-dated tape backup technology
  • Allow your IT provider backup invisibility.

If you're struggling with your backups, check out our quick guide on how you should be planning them - 5 Things to consider when planning your data backup process.

If you're having backup problems or are not sure if your backups are working successfully, call us today on 1300 4 787 389 or email us.  Don't wait or it could be too late!