Why you need to update your iPhone immediately

Apple has released an urgent security update to address security vulnerabilities that have been found will remove the restrictions imposed by their Apple IOS and will allow the device to hacked remotely.

How to update your phone

The security update is 9.3.5 and can be installed from Settings>General>Software Update

Impact of leaving your phone unpatched

Devices without this latest security patch can be ‘jailbroken’ if a user clicks on a link which then gives the attackers full control of the phone and the information held on it,

The security vulnerability gives the attackers the ability to obtain information in any app on the phone including Facebook messages, contacts, Skype, banking information and email.  It leaves the device completely wide-open.

The malicious link can come from text messages or emails, so please be aware of the links you click on and do not click on any links from any numbers you do not know or that appear suspicious.

The Malware has been nicknamed Pegasus and it’s the first time malicious software that specifically targets these security vulnerabilities has been seen in the wider community. 

If you are in any doubt over suspicious emails, links or texts you receive, please contact your IT provider who  will advise you.

About the Author

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