What Surveys Say about Moving to the Cloud

Cloud computing has surged in popularity. The 2015 Cloud Security Spotlight Report clearly makes this point. More than 70 percent of the 1,010 participants reported that they use or plan to use a cloud computing solution. Yet, some organisations are still apprehensive about using the cloud.

Common Concerns

Organisations hesitant about cloud computing are often concerned about:

  • Security. Security is by far the biggest concern preventing organisations from embracing the cloud. They are afraid that their data will not be as safe in the cloud as it is in their on-premises systems.
  • Lack of control. Some companies are leery they will lose control of their data if they move it to the cloud.
  • Compatibility. Organisations fear that their applications will not be compatible with cloud computing solutions.
  • Just a fad. Some companies view the cloud as just another fad. They believe that if they were to start using the cloud, their IT systems would become obsolete as soon as the next technological marvel comes around.

Discovering What's Right for Your Business

Fears about the cloud often come from misinformation and a lack of knowledge. Learning about cloud computing can help ease your apprehension.

The 2015 Computerworld Forecast survey reported that over 40 percent of the IT executives surveyed predict they will increase their spending on software as a service (SaaS) and a mix of public, private, hybrid, and community clouds.

Searching the Internet about cloud security is not as helpful. For every article or blog you find saying it is safe, you will find another one saying it is not. Talking with IT experts is a better course of action. You can discuss the security issues that pertain to your data and applications to determine whether using the cloud is a good fit for your business. They can help you decide on the best type of cloud options for your company and show you the best ways to keep your data safe and in your control.

IT experts can also find out if any of your applications are incompatible with the cloud. If that is the case, they can help you find a suitable replacement.

About the Author

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