Surety IT Security and Scam Alert

July 2019

Surety IT provides a monthly alert of the scams impacting Australian businesses including phishing scams, malware attacks and security breaches/bugs.

You need to be particularly aware of -

1. Office 365

  • Sent via a compromised email address and purporting to be from Office 365, a new phishing scam is landing in inboxes informing recipients that some messages have been delayed due to be them being identified as spam. 
  • It advises that the recipient can review these and choose how to proceed by clicking the "Review Message" link.
  • Those who click on the link are redirected to a Microsoft blob hosted phishing page which looks like the actual Office 365 login screen and are requested to select their account from a list.
  • Should they click on the account, they are then requested to enter their password and click login which causes the page to indicate it is loading.  

  • Red flags in this scam include that the email body isn't well-formatted and contains grammatical & spacing errors.

2. Audio Email

  • Uses the display name of "Notifications", titled "You Have Received An AudioEmail" and sent from a compromised email account
  • Advises recipients that they have received a new 'Audio Email' from their address book and that a call back is required

  • Details on the supposed audio note, including duration, date & time are attached which also includes a link to listen to the full message. 
  • Those who click on the link are led to a compromised Sharepoint account which provides another link to listen to the full message. 
  • Should the 'Listen to Full Message Here' link be clicked, recipients are led to a OneDrive for business page which states that the file cannot be previewed and includes another link to open the full file.
  • The recipient is then directed to a phishing page purporting to be Microsoft which appears as a legitimate sign in page. 

3. Microsoft

  • Sent via a compromised email account, the display name corresponds to the recipient's email address and is titled 'error message'
  • The email informs recipients that their emails are stuck on the server pending their session 'revalidation' as they are ''still using an outdated email settings'. 
  • They are then directed via a link  to use a 'maintenance portal' to update and retrieve their messages.
    • Those who click on the link are taken to a Microsoft Forms hosted form titled 'Microsoft Maintenance Portal' which requests email and password details. 
    • Once the details are submitted, users are directed to another portal page that confirmed their response was submitted successfully. 

    4. Dropbox

    • Sent via a single compromised domain and appears as an auto-generated email from Dropbox
    • Including a purchase order reference number, the email informs recipients that a new purchase order has been shared with them and to click a link to view the purchase order. 
    • Recipients who click on the 'View File' button are led to a highly suspicious blank page that is not associated with Dropbox which contains an error message. 

    5. Suncorp

    • In an attempt to harvest login credentials and originally sent from the forged '' domain, the email is titled 'ACTION REQUIRED: Verify your ID for next level security' and contains a short message requesting ID verification to be completed via a link. 

    • Those who click on the 'Verify Now' button are redirected to a Suncorp branded phishing page that requests their account ID and password as well as the secret token code. 
    • Once logged in, recipients are taken to a photo ID verification page which directs them to upload a photo of a legal identification document such as their passport. They are then requested to input additional personal details such as address, date of birth and phone number. 

    • Once users click on the 'update button', they are led to a 'thank you' page, informing them that they have successfully finished verifying their ID and are redirected to the login page. 

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    About the Author

    Geoff Stewart is a highly experienced and skilled Technology Director at Surety IT. His knowledge is based on years of industry experience having created customised, stable, well performing systems both for multi-national companies in the UK and Australia and Surety IT customers.

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