QuickTime for Windows no Longer Supported

It appears that Apple no longer support QuickTime for Windows as researchers uncover two new weaknesses that criminals could use to attack users. QuickTime for Windows users are strongly advised to uninstall the video player using instructions on this page, including any related plugins.

Apple will stop providing security updates for QuickTime for Windows, according to Trend Micro. However this doesn’t appear to apply to QuickTime running on OS X. US-CERT cautions that while computers running QuickTime for Windows 'will continue to work' after support ends, using unsupported software 'may increase the risks from viruses and other threats'.

'Potential negative consequences include loss of confidentiality, integrity, or availability of data, as well as damage to system resources or business assets,' US-CERT states.

While there is no current attacks targeting either of the weaknesses found recently, there can be no guarantees that this won’t change. The exposure of new vulnerabilities for QuickTime for Windows is also a distinct possibility.

Users should closely watch lifecycles of products and move onto new versions or products before a vendor ends support for their product. Oracle Java 6 and Microsoft Windows XP are two other products that are no longer being updated to fix security issues According to Trend Micro.

How to Stay Safe

Although possible, there are no guarantees that third party security tools will allow users to continue using QuickTime for Windows safely. I recommend companies with websites or products relying on QuickTime for Windows moving to another video player as soon as possible.

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