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The ability for employees to work remotely has triggered significant workplace change.  If it’s happening in your workplace, here’s how to empower your remote employees.

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Cloud hosting has well and truly arrived into the mainstream. While it is replacing roles filled by traditional server architecture, can it replace traditional file servers for storing and sharing files in your company?

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Ever seen anyone in your workplace yell at their computer? If you have, you can probably thank your document management system for it. They say, a poor document management system can deliver more frustration that locking your keys in your car. Others say working on weekends is better than dealing with the frustration.

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As a business professional, you are likely familiar with public clouds such as Office 365, Google Apps, Dropbox, and Amazon Web Services. But are you as familiar with private clouds? If you answered "No", you are not alone. Many people do not know much about them. It does not help that there is a great deal of confusing and sometimes conflicting information regarding private clouds on the Internet.

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