Change Your LinkedIn Password Following A Security Alert

LinkedIn has announced a data breach possibly affecting more than 100 million members. Cyber criminals have allegedly stolen LinkedIn members’ personal information including passwords and email addresses. IN order to minimise your risk, you are strongly advised to change your password if you have a LinkedIn account.

The person reportedly responsible has posted 117 million LinkedIn member passwords and email addresses for sale on the internet. This latest report is part of breach in 2012 that was disclosed at the time.  It is now much larger than originally thought.

Numerous LinkedIn members include personal information on their profiles that could be used for identify theft and various other crimes.

LinkedIn is acting immediately to protect the passwords of the accounts that are known to be stolen. This includes recommending all members change their passwords as a matter of best practice and invalidating all passwords of accounts that are compromised

How to Stay Safe

To minimise risk, you are advised to change your LinkedIn password immediately. I have put together some guidelines on avoiding weak passwords.

Strong passwords are difficult to guess and should be:

  • a mix of upper and lower case letters, numbers and other symbols.
  • greater than 10 characters long ( LinkedIn passwords must be longer than 6 characters)

Don’t include:

  • personal information
  • recognisable words or names, in any language
  • anything you have previously used
  • repeated characters

About the Author

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