Apple Brandjacking in Phishing Email Scam

A phishing scam has been identified that is using Apple branding in attempts to deceive victims. The scam utilizes a well-designed fake Apple login screen, which is pictured in the screenshot, above.

Apple computers have a reputation for being resistant to viruses however, Brandjacking is still a common concern for Apple. Because this company is highly popular and well trusted, they make perfect targets for attackers who aim to give their scams false legitimacy.

This fake Apple website is hosted at and the design of the page is quite convincing. An unsuspecting victim could easily be misled by this fake site and enter their login ID and password, allowing attackers to hack into their account.

Recipients of this email scam will see a message show up in their inbox like the one in the screenshot below:

If the recipient clicks on the link in this message they are taken to the fake login page where their credential data will be harvested.

An analysis of this cyber-attack exposes that these messages have been sent from the email domain ‘’ which is hosted with Google mail. These emails are permitted through most authentication tests so they will most likely reach many inboxes.

This attack has the potential to affect a lot of people and could result in financial losses and significant harm to computer systems.

If you see a message like this in your inbox today, delete it immediately.

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