5 Questions to Ask Your Managed Service Provider

Selecting the right IT Services provider/managed service provider (MSP) is an enormous decision for your company. Your MSP is an extension of your company and is intricately involved in the managing and maintaining of your workforce, so it is critical your organisation understands how to choose the right MSP. While price cannot be overlooked, there are a number of other variables to consider.

Below are five questions to consider when selecting a MSP Provider.

1. Can you work with me to meet my unique needs?

MSPs should customise their solutions according to the requirements of your company.

The MSP should answer three fundamental questions:

  • What is my business problem?
  • How will you address it?
  • Why are you the best provider to resolve it?

2. What security measures do you have in place?

Your MSP should insist on remotely monitoring your network 24/7/365 to keep critical security settings virus definitions and patches up to date to prevent problems before they start. A conscientious MSP knows that the security of their customers’ data is paramount.

3. What kind of redundancy should I expect?

Even the most robust platforms fail once in a while, and a backup solution may be worthwhile. Talk with the provider to see what maintenance services are included in your package. Equally important, see what is not included to avoid any billing issues later.

4. What kind of reporting and communication do you provide?

Your MSP should provide you with monthly status reports and quarterly business reviews. It should be able to establish a chain of communication, so you can get support immediately.

5. What kind of support do you provide?

Before contracting with an MSP, it is important to know the level of support provided.

Here are some questions to ask:

  • Are there formal escalation and ticketing procedures?
  • Do they answer their phones live and have emergency after hours support?
  • Do they monitor the services on your behalf?

When choosing an MSP, doing your homework can really pay off. A reputable service provider will be happy to answer these, and any other questions you may have.

About the Author

Geoff Stewart is a highly experienced and skilled Technology Director at Surety IT. His knowledge is based on years of industry experience having created customised, stable, well performing systems both for multi-national companies in the UK and Australia and Surety IT customers.

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