10 pieces of software that will save you time

Software can improve your productivity. There are multiple options on the market targeting numerous time-saving tactics such as project management, email management, time management, social media productivity, and customer support.

Any number of these will help you save time and money so you can get more out of your day and your business.

So you don’t have to waste time looking.....

Here are 10 of the best pieces of productivity software currently available.

1. Trello

Fantastic for project management and delegation. Organise cards, columns, funnels and boards to assign tasks, manage deadlines, monitor relevant notes, and more. Pricing from free to US$20.83 per month per user. Suitable for Web, iOS and Android.

2. Asana

An all-in-one productivity tool to help your team create, assign and manage actionable tasks. Great for collaborating on projects and tracking progress. Pricing from free to US$8.33 per month per user. Suitable for Web, iOS and Android.

3. Slack

A great way to reduce the email burden. Something in between email and instant messaging that can replace email for communication within your team. Send messages and files to a group or single person. All responses are neatly organised for hassle-free tracking. Free or up to US$12 per user per month.

4. Unroll.me

Stop subscription emails from clogging your inbox. The Rollup feature reorganises newsletters into one neat email for you to read at a more convenient time. It’s web-based and free to use.

5. Sanebox

This behaviour tracking programs will record your email habits over time and filter unimportant ones to a separate folder. It spares you of irrelevant emails, and of having to make difficult decisions. Web-based and free to use.

6. RescueTime

Track the time you spend on different sites and apps to see when you’re productive and what distracts you. Manage your time better with alerts and page blocks. Free or up to US$9 per month. Use it as a Chrome Extension, web-based or on IOS and Android.

7. Toggl

A simple time-tracking mechanism to record time on tasks and gain insight into your work habits. It also integrates with task-management apps such as Trello and Asana. Pricing from US$10-$59 per user per month. Suitable for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.

8. Buffer

A social media management tool to work across your different platforms. Optimise your content, get more engagement, and spend less time on social media. Starting out free for individuals and up to US$399 per month for large teams. Suitable for web, Android and iOS.

9. Help Scout

Helpdesk management software to improve customer interaction. Manage customer tickets more efficiently with multiple inboxes under one email address. Or, set up automated messages while still keeping messages personal. Free or up to US$40 per user per month. Suitable for web or iOS.

10. Evernote

Write and store documents, sketches, memos, pictures, and more online through the cloud. Great for managing different topics and snippets of information, especially from long-form material. Use it on your smart device or computer. Various monthly or yearly subscriptions available.

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