About Us

Greater success, it's a Surety


Established in 2001, Surety IT builds quality and enduring relationships with clients, creating confidence and outstanding IT outcomes.  With offices in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, we work with businesses of all sizes in all industry sectors, nationally.  The one thing all of our clients have in common is a desire for success.  We help them to achieve that success by providing the outcomes they want and by the first rate level of support we provide.

Today, we support customers in many different verticals and of many different sizes nationally.  From CBD based to remote businesses.  From Brisbane to Longreach, Melbourne to Dubbo, Sydney to Perth.  Each with a set of unique challenges that we work with them on and deliver desired outcomes and support to.

It’s about outcomes not solutions

As any business owner would know, it’s not about the solutions, it’s about the outcome we provide for your business.  You don’t need to know how it works, you just need to know that it works, it’s secure and will deliver the outcomes to your business that you need.


When we engage with a new customer our approach is completely collaborative.  We firstly listen then understand what the challenges are around the business, not just in terms of technology but ‘big’ picture challenges so we can get a more complete understanding of what’s going on.


We work in partnership with the business stakeholders to develop a suitable strategy and roadmap that meets the challenges and expectations of our clients.  All the while ensuring that our clients are comfortable with the approach and outcomes.


Every partnership is built on trust.  It’s about us delivering great outcomes with first rate customer service whilst being honest and open.

It’s about holding our hands up if things go wrong, taking responsibility and it’s about advising our customers about what’s right for their business rather than what’s right for ours.

Discussion Proposals

We’ll not deliver a take it or leave it proposal.  It’s about delivering the right outcome for the customer in collaboration and partnership with them.  That requires understanding, analysis, recommendations and discussion.

  • We’ll present you with a discussion piece that’s easy to read and follow, that you can make any comments you like on.  We just want to know if we’re on the right track.
  • We’ll make as many updates and changes as required free of charge
  • With the outcome, a final document that is a collaboration of Surety IT and our customer.
  • The document identifies and addresses the challenges and details the agreed outcomes in plain English with little technical jargon that is easy to understand and is suitable to present to a board.

We pride ourselves on the quality of documents we produce for our customers.

Some extracts of our documents are –

Tailored Support

Our tailored support program again starts by taking the form of a discussion document.  There is not a one size fits all approach and we work in partnership with our customers to design the best-fit support for them.  It’s a flexible program where changes can be made and support changed through-out the life of the contract.

On-boarding process

As with everything we do, we customise our customer on-boarding process for each new customer.

Each customer is unique and has their own requirements and we collaborate with the relevant stakeholders in the business to ensure that the transition to us is painless and that both stakeholder and staff requirements and expectations are identified so that a suitable on-boarding process can be designed.

Long Term Mutally Beneficial Partnership

Long-term partnerships are really the life-blood of our business.  It is critically important to us that we deliver the service you want over the long term.

We have customers who have been with us from the start and other customers who have joined us in the last few months.  Each of them is treated the same, with the same high level of care and of customer service.

For us, it’s about continually doing the right thing and doing things the right way.  That’s why we use the tagline “Creating Confidence”.

Call 1300 4 SURETY (787389) or send us an  email today to discover how we will  create confidence in your business with the outcomes and support that make sense and are right for you.