Grove Juice

The Challenge

We received a call from Greg Willis, the owner of Grove Juice.  He had received some correspondence from Surety IT a few years earlier and kept it in case he ever needed it. 

At the time, Grove Juice were dealing with many IT challenges, including:

  • unreliable critical computer systems
  • old systems that couldn’t integrate with their customers’ newer systems
  • a slow internet connection
  • remote access problems
  • an unreliable microwave connection between their two offices in Mansfield and Warwick
  • ageing PCs
  • mobility issues
  • the implementation of a new ERP solution
  • unreliable support from their in-house IT person who favoured ‘band-aid’ fixes.

Greg also had significant plans for the business in terms of growth. He asked Surety IT if we could help Grove Juice with their existing challenges and develop a strategy to support a bigger and better future.

We said yes!

The Solution

To address the challenges and issues, we implemented our solutions path – a proven process of insight and action that sees us: understand, plan, build, maintain, enhance (Repeatable).

By clearly understanding the issues and challenges that Grove Juice were facing, we were able to plan and build the right solution for them. The process also allowed us to explain our approach to Greg and the other senior managers in a way that they understood and could visualise.

The solution we built was tailored specifically for Grove Juice.  It was reliable, flexible and had enough capacity to allow for Grove Juice’s growth.

We recommended they move to a virtualised server platform and implemented a remote desktop services solution to address the PC performance issues.  The hardware we recommended was Tier 1 with a minimum three-year, same-day, onsite warranty in case of any issues.

We leveraged the use of some Cloud services as they were more cost effective for the size of their business and provided high flexibility and reliability.  They included Cloud-based email anti-spam services and Cloud-based anti-virus and anti-malware services.

Although not completely familiar with the ERP solution that Grove Juice was implementing, we spoke to the vendor to ensure that we had the necessary information to be able to cater for it and support it in the overall solution.

One of the main challenges Grove Juice faced was the connectivity between Mansfield and Warwick. The slow connection was impacting on the profitability of the business.  We addressed this by joining with our communications partner, Cloud Plus, and, with their expertise and assistance, designed a cost-effective, best-fit communications solution that provided Grove Juice with the services they required.  This was a competitive quote situation and the solution we came up with was more cost-effective and had better links and speeds when compared to others.

We also recommended Grove Juice subscribe to a personalised IT support program, Sure[Net], in order to allow us to proactively manage the environment, ensure that everything was running consistently and reliably, and that there was an engineer available to quickly respond if any issues arose. 

We recommended, as part of the tailored managed services package, that Grove Juice remove their in-house IT resource and that we provide regular, scheduled on-site support each week. They agreed. The on-site engineer we provided was rotated so that more than one engineer became familiar with the systems, requirements and expectations of Grove Juice.  This also ensured continuity of service even if an engineer was off on leave or unavailable.

Today, as part of this managed services program, we still help Grove Juice with technology strategy, we provide advice on any technology-related projects and are Grove Juice’s “one number to call” for issues, including logging calls for Rockfast, MYOB and QAD.

Business Benefits

  • The reliability of the Grove Juice's IT systems dramaticaly improved.
  • Issues were resolved faster and there was greater availability of resources.
  • Connectivity between the sites and office improved.
  • Productivity and profitibility improvroved.
  • Stress and frustration from Grove Juice management around their IT challenges was removed.
  • The business changed their mindset on IT systems and started to view them as an investment rather than an expense.
  • Grove Juice were able to focus their IT spend in areas that would improve the business, rather than just seeing them as something that kept the business running, and were able to budget effectively for their IT expenditure.

Jason and Geoff, A quick note to say how you and your team at Surety IT keep surprising us with your added value service.

The core technical skill we commissioned was expected, but the ongoing service and extra expertise is pretty special.

Who would have thought that 3 years ago when you helped us secure our network that you would be taking responsibility for and coordinating all IT & communication aspects of our Group.

Your vision & commitment to our business, has provided the confidence to transfer this most important aspect of our business, to an external partner. You, your technical partners and network have gone a long way to remove the IT pain we have endured over the past 25 years.

We are really looking forward to working with you in developing the next step of our IT growth."

Greg Willis – Managing Director, Grove Juice