The Challenge

Rohrig were experiencing considerable reliability problems with their IT systems, particularly around email and performance. Downtime had blown out to several hours per week and this was having a direct impact on their ability to quote new projects, manage existing projects and communicate with customers and suppliers.

Rohrig released a competitive tender, which outlined their need for on-going support, and invited several local IT support businesses to submit proposals. Surety IT was one of those companies.

Before we submitted any recommendations or a proposal, we needed to get a clear understanding of the issues Rohrig were facing. We arranged a site visit, spoke to the relevant stakeholders in the business and performed a health-check of their IT systems.

We discovered that they were dealing with the following major challenges:

  • the unreliability of the Windows servers and network was leading to approximately 3-4 hours of downtime a week
  • the servers were custom built and had run out of warranty
  • the existing email server was under specced and was freezing daily
  • backups were not working successfully
  • there was a major problem with SPAM emails.

The Rohrig Group was being assisted by a small IT company that had supported them for a number of years. Rohrig was small when the relationship began but had grown considerably, including opening offices interstate.

We submitted our proposal once we had documented these issues and had designed a customised on-going support package. The Rohrig Group selected our proposal and our recommendations after careful consideration.

The Solution

To address the challenges and issues, we implemented our solutions path, which is a proven process of insight and action: understand, plan, build, maintain, enhance (Repeatable). 

This process allowed us to clearly understand the issues and challenges that Rohrig were facing before planning and building a solution. 

The solution we built was tailored specifically for Rohrig.  After an in-depth investigation, we recommended they move to new Windows-based servers and Tier 1 server hardware.  We built a reliable, tailor-made solution that provided users good performance and stability to critical systems. 

We ensured that backups were consistently taken both on and offsite, and that regular test restores were performed so that, in the event of any data loss, Rohrig was protected.  We also set up server image replication between the Brisbane and Sydney sites to provide a level of disaster recovery should a site fail.

We leveraged the use of some Cloud services as they were more cost effective for the size of the business, and provided high flexibility and reliability.  These services included Cloud-based anti-virus and anti-malware solutions as well as Cloud-based email anti-spam services.

One of the main challenges facing Rohrig was their inter-office connectivity and the impact that the slow connections were having on their efficiency and productivity. We addressed this by joining with our communications partner, Cloud Plus, and with their expertise and assistance, designed a cost-effective, best-fit communications solution that provided Rohrig with the services they required.

We also recommended Rohrig subscribed to a personalised IT support program, Sure[Net], that allowed us to proactively manage the environment, ensure that everything was running consistently and reliably, and that there was an engineer available to quickly respond if any issues arose. 

Today, as part of this managed services program, we still help Rorig with technology strategy, we provide advice on any technology-related projects and are Rohrig’s “one number to call” for issues, including logging calls for JobPaq, MYOB and CAD applications.

Business Benefits

  • Rohrig experienced a maximum two hours downtime in the last 12 months.
  • Increased systems reliability and stability has allowed Rohrig to meet tighter deadlines from customers.
  • Rohrig have been able to reduce their annual IT spend and plan and budget effectively for their IT expenditure.
  • Rohrig management team members are no longer stressed or frustrated by IT challenges.
  • The management team has been able to focus on building on the technology and look towards improving processes and new technologies rather than constantly worrying about IT-related issues and outages.

Before engaging Surety IT, we were having constant computer system challenges, with each solution applied to the problem seeming to be a stop-gap ‘band aid’ solution. After engagement, Surety IT spent considerable time analysing our systems in order to highlight the problems and implement a plan that would not only solve the current issues but also prevent any new problems from occurring. They have also assisted us with the implementation of our IT strategy and how we can best utilise new technology as it comes available.

Surety IT has been true to their word and we now have a stable, well-performing computer system, eliminating the stress and frustration of our old IT system. Rohrig is now able to concentrate on what we’re good at and leave the management of the computer systems to the experts."

Garth Smith - CFO, Rohrig