The Challenge

Hydrexia was already growing rapidly and, at the time we were introduced to them, they expected to double in size in the next 12 to 24 months.  Their existing IT solution was ageing, slow, unreliable, out of warranty and causing daily downtime. It was clear the solution would not be able to support their forecast growth.

This presented a major challenge but there were others including:

  • comms quality and speed were poor
  • VoIP quality was very poor
  • large amount of SPAM
  • unreliable backup
  • general network slowness
  • inability to access the systems remotely, particularly for MYOB
  • inadequate security on the Hydrexia internal computer.

The Solution

To address the project challenges and issues, we implemented our solutions path – a proven process of insight and action that sees us: understand, plan, build, maintain, enhance (Repeatable). 

By clearly understanding the issues and challenges that Hydrexia were facing, we were able to plan and build the right solution for them. 

The solution we built was tailored specifically for Hydrexia.  After an in-depth investigation we recommended they move to new Windows-based servers and Tier 1 server hardware, with a three-year on-site warranty.  We built a file server and domain controller as well as a terminal server for remote access into the application and files as well as MYOB.

We installed a hardware firewall security device that protected the internal network from external malicious threats, and put multiple layers of security in place, including an anti-spam solution, an anti-virus and anti-malware solution, as well as recommending suitable company policies for Hydrexia to implement.

We built a reliable, tailor-made solution that provided users good performance and stability to critical systems. We also recommended that Hydrexia move to a hosted Exchange email solution, in preference to installing an in-house email server, as it was more cost effective and provided better business continuity for a business of Hydrexia’s size. It also had an integrated anti-spam solution.

We ensured that backups were consistently taken both on and off site and that regular test restores were performed so that in the event of any data loss, Hydrexia was protected.  We set up off-site Cloud backups for critical data and recommended that Hydrexia subscribe to our Sure[Safe] disaster recovery solution that provides an extremely cost-effective recovery solution.

We leveraged the use of a Cloud-hosted VoIP telephone service as this again was more cost effective for the size of business that Hydrexia was and provided high flexibility and reliability.

To address the challenges of leveraging Cloud services, we recommended to Hydrexia that they install a suitable internet connection that allowed fast performance and reliability for Cloud-based services.  We addressed this by partnering with our communications partner Cloud Plus, and with their expertise and assistance, designed a cost-effective, best-fit communications solution that provided Hydrexia with the services they required.

We also created a new tailor-made IT support program Sure[Net] as Hydrexia’s requirements and services had changed, including all phone support and online work required at a fixed monthly cost. 

This allowed us to proactively manage the new environment, ensure that everything was running consistently and reliably, and that there was an engineer available to quickly respond if any issues arose. 

As part of this managed services program Surety IT continues to help with technology strategy, provide advice on any technology-related projects, and are Hydrexia’s “one number to call” for issues.

Business Benefits

  • Hydrexia experienced no downtime in the last year.
  • They have benefited substantially from increased systems reliability and stability.
  • The Hydrexia senior management team is able to receive and send email from anywhere, at any time.
  • The fixed monthly cost ensures budgeting is easy.
  • The working disaster recovery solution is cost effective and tested on an annual basis.
  • The system has the flexibility and capacity to grow.