Mobile Computing Articles

The articles on this page are around mobility and mobile devices.

If you have any mobile devices in your business then you should read these articles to ensure that you protecting them adequately and what features are on them that your business is probably not utilising.

Some of the best articles on this page are around mobile device protection and simple tips on how to extend battery life as well as saving money.

There was once a time when every business needed a landline. It was their lifeblood. Thanks to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) that’s all changing. But before you take the leap and drop your landline, it’s important to weigh the benefits – such as mobility, scalability and cost savings – against the drawbacks.

The smartphone wars have come down to either iPhone or Android for most buyers. Which one is right for you? Ask yourself these questions to choose the best phone for your needs.

The only thing worse than the cost of constantly upgrading your iPhone to the latest version is the cost of having to replace your current one due to damage. Use these easy tips to make your iPhone last as long as possible.

Most people love their smartphone, but they can't stand how quickly it runs out of power. Instead of putting your smartphone into a bulky battery case or carrying around spares, use these quick tips to keep it going.

Last week, a number of Australian iPhone and iPad owners reported that their devices were locked and there was an alert asking for money in order to get access back.  This threat has now spread globally with further cases reported in the UK and US.  In this article we tell you how to protect yourself.