Managed IT Security Articles

The articles on this page are around IT security. The types of threats that exist and what you can do to help protect your business.

You should read these articles if your business develops or holds any type of intellectual property or customer details or supplies any 3rd party businesses.

All businesses are impacted by the cyber threat and we have provided some practical tips on what you can do to protect your business.  Some of the best articles include tips on spotting a malicious email that can be circulated to your staff and how to help keep your mobile devices secure.

With the latest cyber threat getting extensive media coverage over the past week, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to protect your computers and business from malicious cyber threats.  I’ve put together 10 tips that should help you protect your business and help make your employees a bit more cyber smart.

Cyber criminals no longer necessarily hack your accounts or infect your systems to steal your information. These days, they often trick you into making a mistake.  This kind of attack is called social engineering, and your common sense is your most powerful defence against it.  Here's 4 tips that will help you recognise one.

Whale phishing is a phishing scam attack that targets the ‘big fish’ in an organisation; the senior executives and other people with access to highly valuable or sensitive information. The scam lures them to share valuable information or transfer funds into an account managed by the cybercriminal.

With cyber threats making international news continually, we've all grown a bit weary and a bit tired of the topic but it doesn't mean that the threat is going away, if anything it is getting worse.  There's alot of scaremongering in the media but there doesn't seem to be much in the way of practical tips that individuals and businesses can use and implement.  So I thought it was about time that something was developed that could help your business identify what level your cyber security protection is at.

Can you spot a phishing email?

If you fall victim to a phishing attack, you could end up with malware installed on your computer and your personal information being stolen.

There is a devious type of scam out there that the FBI refers to a s Business Email Compromise (BEC) scams.

Since January 2015, more than 22,000 businesses worldwide have fallen victim to them and cybercriminals have used them to steal more than $3.1 billion from businesses

With the ever increasing risk of businesses getting hacked or scammed with cyber threats, it’s becoming vitally important to make sure staff are aware of online threats and how to stay smart online.  Here’s some tips on what you should be doing and a website that provides important information as well as an email alerting service.