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With the latest cyber threat getting extensive media coverage over the past week, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to protect your computers and business from malicious cyber threats.  I’ve put together 10 tips that should help you protect your business and help make your employees a bit more cyber smart.

Time is short. Every day, there’s more to do and less time to do it – or at least that’s how it feels for many of us. In some cases, the technology that we have introduced into our lives because we thought it would ease the load somehow seems to be adding to it.  These 5 tips will help you regain control and use your technology to your advantage.

Cyber criminals no longer necessarily hack your accounts or infect your systems to steal your information. These days, they often trick you into making a mistake.  This kind of attack is called social engineering, and your common sense is your most powerful defence against it.  Here's 4 tips that will help you recognise one.

Whale phishing is a phishing scam attack that targets the ‘big fish’ in an organisation; the senior executives and other people with access to highly valuable or sensitive information. The scam lures them to share valuable information or transfer funds into an account managed by the cybercriminal.

With cyber threats making international news continually, we've all grown a bit weary and a bit tired of the topic but it doesn't mean that the threat is going away, if anything it is getting worse.  There's alot of scaremongering in the media but there doesn't seem to be much in the way of practical tips that individuals and businesses can use and implement.  So I thought it was about time that something was developed that could help your business identify what level your cyber security protection is at.

Ever seen anyone in your workplace yell at their computer? If you have, you can probably thank your document management system for it. They say, a poor document management system can deliver more frustration that locking your keys in your car. Others say working on weekends is better than dealing with the frustration.